I’m converting my Printrbot Play into an off-grid, mobile 3D printer! No need for power or wifi - it’s all built in using Octoprint, access point mode and charging support.


Great project idea, would have liked a little more info on the OctoPrint part. What is the order of operations for setting up the wifi access point? Do I start with the complete install of OctoPrint, then follow the wifi configuration steps, or start with a clean Raspbian install, setup the wifi, then install OctoPrint from source?


Lemme ask @Tom he knows best


I started with a standard OctoPi install and then went through the steps to enable access point mode from ElKo, minus the last step to set up Internet forwarding (since it’s not needed).
Octoprint will automatically be available on the access point network after that!


Hackaday picked up the video