3D printer for small series production


Hey all,
My company wants to purchase a small series production 3D printer. We look for a printable size of 270 x 100 x 50 mm. As we want to print small series, we need a fast printer with still acceptable precision. Included in our products is a screw thread of approximately 10 mm diameter which should be printable.
So far, we have looked into the following printers: Raise3D Pro2 Plus, Ultimaker S5. Both seem good enough for out purposes. What do you think? Are there less expensive printers on the market for out purposes? (Goal: 3000,-€).
Thank you!



I’ll be the first to recommend the Original Prusa I3 MK3.



They need more than the 250x210 the Prusa has. But it might be an option.

OP, can’t really give you an indication without the material you are going to print.



Thank you dik and rui!

@rui: The material is only second prio to us. We want to print housings for electronic parts and the whole housing gets filled up with sealing material after production anyway. So, the material is not the first criteria…



That’s what you think :wink:

Then if you are printing that kind of object, PLA and PETG might be first choices, ABS is probably not a good choice, even if you have a good printer, printed ABS doesn’t bode well with objects with thin walls, e.g. walls need to be a minimum of 4-5mm or more.

Also, PM Filament makes a PETG filament that has flame retardant, FRJet, might be interesting for you.

Then you don’t NEED a closed printer like an Ultimaker or a Zortrax.

I would go for a direct drive printer, because I find that direct drives do a better job with PETG, for example, the Lulzbot printers, the Prusa printers, the latest ones from Dremel and Flashforge.

I’m going to point favourites, and out of that range, I really like the Zortrax M200 Plus and M300 Plus.



Thank you very much, @rui! So, you are right with ABS. Our wall thickness is ~2mm. 4-5 mm is way too much and will not work for us…

I will check for the Zortrax M200 Plus and M300 Plus.

One of my colleagues yesterday recommended the Raise3D Pro 2. What would be the disadvantage of that one compared to the Zortrax?



I’m not familiar with the Pro 2, but I don’t like their N2.



Quality wise? Or handling?



The Blackbelt might be an option. It’s more expensive, but it should be able to print continuously without much labour from an operator.



@klaverentwee Thank you for your tipp! The blackbelt costs ~35K, right? That will be too much, I am afraid… My budget is max. 5000,- €…



It’s about 10k, but that is still more than 5000…