Alfawise U30 Pro weird movement after Stepper Motor driver fried and got replaced


Preface: I would never buy this heap of junk again or recommend it to anybody, get yourself an Ender 3, and purulent toenail or whatever. Everything is better than this. I usually try to always find something positive when troubleshooting. But here it’s a constant forth and back with totally random results for months now.

Anyway back to topic. Last week one of the 4 stepper motor drivers fried. It was the A4988 which controls the E Axis. I had problems to fix the heatsink on this one and it fell off serveral times so this could be related to overheating or whatever. So I replaced it the driver. I tried to find out the correct voltage (I was not successful in finding any useful documentation) and the other installed drivers were set up to random values between 0.52V and 1.3V.

Putting everything back together and checking if it’s working again I’ve tired to use the Bed Leveling Feature to check if the different axes were working. What happened was that the X Axis (the fried driver was for the E Axis!) seemed to work normal but the Y Axis just moving straight back till it reached the end switch. I’ve already checked the cabling, even flashed the latest recommended software again. No luck at all.

Here is a Video of what is happening:

I’ve tried to swap the Y and X Axis and then the Y Axis seems to move normal and the X Axis ran into an error.

Any hints? Fried Controller Board? Me just being stupid?!

Any input is highly welcomed! (And yes I have a Pursa in the order for 6 weeks now, it should arrive soon. But it’s kind against my spirit to just trow this ****** away. But in this state I don’t even want to give this as a present to my worst enemy).



PS: I would be totally open to any interesting Controller Board replacement hack. But I’m on the very start of my 3D Printing Experience and Arduino Projects. And my whole microcontroller lessons were, well, more than 20 years ago …