..and yet another Dolly build

I have just stumbled over the channel a few days ago and I decided to build a Dolly, too.

When I was shopping for the smooth rods, I figured that I can also get some stainless steel rods for just a few Euros more.

Now the only “problem” that I have and that I can’t figure out if it’s very relevant yet is - does it matter if the two shorter rods - the ones that are supposed to be 350mm long - are a bit shorter and just 345 and 346mm long?

The guy told me that I can get two new cuts without any extra charge, but I was going to ask you guys first if they have to be exact. It’ll be a while until all the parts will arrive here and it’ll be a shame if the rods being 5mm too short will be a problem.


when you cut them to 330mm then you can use the original printed parts / tom bought the longer one in a set because it was cheaper and the rods are a pain to cut :smiley:

So he remodeled the parts so the longer rod can fit.

It has been quite a while, but I managed to put everything together. I just have one issue left - the Thermistor on the hotend that I bought is broken and the replacement part takes forever to get here. December 20 according to the shipping site. I hope that one will work.