Anet A8 Heating Failed Error

I am in dire need of assistance. I have an Anet A8 and was anxious to proceed with upgrades. Thus, I installed marlin firmware, bought a new Titan A3 Aero extruder, added a Mosfet board and calibrated the extruder steps/min. All seemed well but got an intermittent error that heating failed. Added a new heat block, new thermistor and heating plug. No luck. Does anyone have a config.h specific for a Titan Aero extruder and the Anet A8. I just can not solve this after many hours of frustration. Many thanks for any help!

Hi khstage,

I don’t have a config for you, but I bet a bunch of us can bang our heads together for a solution. For starters, what exactly is the error you receive when trying to turn on the extruder heat? What temp are you trying to reach, and how soon do you get an error?