Anet A8-M problem reading the SD Card

I mounted my Anet A8-M to 2 extruders. I print with no problem with the USB cable and Repetier and I am quite satisfied with the result, even if I have to progress in the settings.

However, it is impossible to print directly from the SD card.

The Anet shows me “No SD card”. However, when I enter the card with the printer’s keyboard, I access .gcode files, but I can not start printing. What do you recommend that I do? ???
From what I read on the Internet, on the latest versions of Marlin, SD cards are disabled by default.
is the right way to activate SDCard Support ???
I would like to be sure I can reinstall the original firmware, but I’m pretty sure I can not recover the firmware that comes on the motherboard. send me an original firmware, but it is in hexadecimal and I do not know how to install such a file.

Thank you for telling me what I can do ??


I used avrdudess .exe, with the following parameters. When I test the .hex file, or test the “detect” button of ATMEGA 2560, I have a synchronization error (see screenshot attached). I tried to change the baud rate, but I can not do anything. What do you recommend that I do??


Hi richardpub, Sorry to hear you are having problems communicating with the 2560. Check your device manager when you connect to the Arduino. Make sure port 5 is present and that it recognizes the card.


The problems that I encounter are related to the fact that the SD Ccard presents with the LED screen, displays “No SD Card” although I can open this card, see folders and files, but I am unable to print them, while everything works with the USB cable connected to my PC.
Communication problems with the Atmega 2560. AVRDUDESS recognizes the presence of the port as soon as it is connected.
I am not sure of the type of motherboard of AnetA8-M. So I only use the detect button of AVRDUDESS. I would not burn my card with a bad file. sent me a tutorial to inject the original file in .hex plus a test file in .hex. He tells me to choose Arduino as a map, but is it really the right choice. Here is the photo of the motherboard of L’AnetA8-M.
What exactly do you mean by “Check the manager of your device when you connect to the Arduino”. Visibly the COM5 port is present, but it does not recognize the card.
The causes of the return "avrdude.exe: stk500_getsync () attempt 10 of 10: not in sync: resp = 0x3d
avrdude.exe done. Thank you. "
seem many and different and I have trouble sorting.

Thank you for your advice.

Ok, so it is specifically an issue reading the card when it in the LCD. This is a bit outside my knowledge, so I only have one additional suggestion. Is the SD card formatted properly for the A8? Your computer may be able to recognize more than one format, but I bet the reader can only use one. You may also have to unmount it and remount it.

I found the solution but between windows alert for this forum I am now put in spam !!!

Maybe you posted to fast.
I don’t know how aggressive the settings are…

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Finally with the help of support, I found the solution.

They recommended that I remove the back cover of the screen.
I did not believe it too much, but I ended up doing it. It did not give anything.

Then they guided me to load the .hex file of the A8-M with AVRDUDESS.exe, which could not find my motherboard. I found the right parameter using the choice in Arduino Mega presets (ATmega2560), which means that we choose not Arduino, but Atmel STK500 Version2.x fimrware and as MCU ATmega2560.

Finally they showed me how to go through CURA to load the firmware in the card (video support until show the final result).
I was going to start the operation with a bit of anguish, and there mystery everything went back to work before I did anything, and I read “Card inserted” …

I launch an impression that starts without worry. And I stop it and there mystery it shows me “Card remouved”.


the problem is that the card reader at the back of the screen, should not be inserted completely, otherwise it displays “Card Remouved”, and if it is removed a little it displays “Card inserted”.

So it was just a concern for the quality of the SD card readerAnet%20plaque%20arriere