Anyone tried this?


Does anyone of you tried this : ? Not that particular color but any filaments from Like ABS, PLA, POM, and PET-G. It looks like they are cheap as for something shipped from EU so if anyone have used it please comment.
THX Tomasz



posted about this on my local hackspace’s forum. Apparently its ok
they said layer adhesion leaves something to be desired, and it takes more tuning than normal, but it is an acceptable filament (the guy had used the PLA, I cant comment on the others)

We have a role at the hack space, so I’ve booked some time on the 3d printer, and I’ll have a play and let you know :slight_smile:



Dont know, as I never tried it, but if you are looking for cheap in the EU, check out Hobbyking. I have not yet tried their house brand, which is ridiculously cheap (12-13 euro per kg of PLA!), but I have used Esun a lot, and its perfectly good filament that they sell for €15.4 per Kg from their EU warehouse.



I’ll second that. I only use hobby king filaments on my own printer at the moment :slight_smile: lol