Are these Parts the same as the parts listed in the Prusa BOM?

I the things Tom has listed were a bit expensive to me, and I found a set containing many of the electronics, but what it seems to me that they are a bit different from the ones Tom has listed, so, is it okay to use these, or do I need to buy the specific parts?

here is the link:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

the main difference seems to be that it has RAMPS 1.6 instead of 1.4 and it has DRV8825 instead of the A4988, also, is the heatbed okay and is the Mega clone the same as the one listed?



i wouldn’t use a 8 bit board anymore.
Use a SKR 1.4 or a SKR mini e3

I would go with a mini e3

  • a MK52 heatbed clone + trianglelabs steelsheet or the original ones
  • fitting display.

This cost’s you a little more but it is safer hardware.
(and better)
I also would go directly to 24V

with the DRV drivers you will get print artifacts

is there a link to the full set with the things you listed? or do I have to locate them all by myself? also is it still okay to use the set I found? also these parts seem to be for ender 3, not Prusa