Attack of the 复制: Anet E10 live unboxing, assembly and first print!


Those cheap printers look like they are thrown together by an AI. :geek:



why this machine got so much attention , i mean : yeah! the cheap machines are popular but at least the cr-10 was the first cheap machine offering a good package with a Big build volume, no other options for those wanting to print bigger than 25cm without paying few thousands. But despite this selling point the machine itself was only a good deal if bought within tight price range. And it become popular!, hell yeah, many cosplayers and people wanting to make bigger things saw the deal as a “most probably win”. Many people made money reselling the machine (with a big cut for themselves ) in the middle of the hype and many affiliate discount links sent profit to the influencers. But now this , its not big , its not new, its not even much cheaper and looks a totally cut&paste. Why should we care of this machine ? specially difficult to understand considering the cr-10 is still a stronger package ( lacking in some points but … ). Maybe peope wants the chash and the hype to keep flowing and manybe Anet is giving a good compensation to the influences to popularize this model. Anyway , smart people knows where is the next frontier, we all learned that from the Cr-10 , first we wanted it stronger : please no acrylic or cheap parts alu extrusions are wellcome , next we wanted it bigger: print cosplay items or real life stuff and now we know that we want it faster : bigger prints take insane amount of time and worries.
Next budget machine nailing it would be the one providing big volume >= 30cm , able to work without artifacts at reasonable speed >= 80mm/s and with the option of factory upgrades to the most popular features ( must have i would say ) : ABL and dual extrusion.


[quote=kleingeist post_id=1097 time=1502718988 user_id=116]
Those cheap printers look like they are thrown together by an AI. :geek:
[/quote]AI would do much, much better. Like world better. :smiley: :wink:


X ---- doubt :smiley:

With feeding available parts into, or setting a max price for the used parts and optimizing for quality and stuft would be cool anyway. A perfect printer for your special needs :slight_smile:


One more thing:

With all the cheap printers and more and more people getting involved, we maybe should Start worrying about drowning in failed and thrown away plastic parts.

The next big thing that should take place is a affordable plastic shredder and filament extruder combo.