Autodrop3d printer with automatic part removal


I am new to this forum. Doing a bit of shameless self promotion.

The video below shows an older prototype of a 3d system we have been developing. We have been working and are close to relasing 2 versions of these machines.
One based on the MP MINI Delta.
The other based on a Rostock V4.
Both are much better than the one in the video. We will be launching soon.

The biggest parts of this system are:

  • Automatic part ejection
  • Multi user print queue
  • Cloud based slicing
  • Browser based Parametric 3d modeler built in
  • support for accepting credit cards and billing for filament
  • Public and private printers
  • Support for traditional 3d printers to use queue with out ejector.

I am looking to possibly have some people try the cloud software. I can provide a raspberry pi image that will allow traditional existing marlin based 3d printers to talk to the cloud and print.

Let me know if there is any interest.

Also it seems I missed Tom at the MRRF this year unfortunately. But it turns out he got a shot of the of the earlier printer in his video before I was able to get it set up. I had gotten there late. Made the drive from Connecticut.
Screen shot from video blow.