Best 3D Youtube Videos


It would be cool to see a section for new videos that are 3D print related.

I have subscriptions, but many times there are old videos that are super useful but the channel is no longer active.

The content is still valuable and you will never stumble across them.


This is one of my favorite 3d printing vids… using a brush kit to nickel plate a 3D print.


i3-guy don’t understand your request. Just the next section is called “YouTube”, so already there.
As this place quite new brand new might take a few days until filled with content,

Regards Richard


I’ll make you an offer - give me enough solid content for a month and you get a section and I move the content there :slight_smile:


Having the YouTube section under meta means it is just a suggested topic vs. main regular topic, correct?


Nice vids on PLA strength:

Nice vid on things to print

Best vid on filament types

Vids on sensors for leveling

Velocity Paint Gcode thing


Here another to add to the collection.

3D Printing mistakes to avoid:


Great vid on what slicer variables to change speed of printing an object.


Good vid on tools you need to get into 3D printing:

Cool test on 3D printed nylon gear in RC car

Good vid on hacking firmware on the Monoprice select mini


Heat testing of different filaments after annealing

Nice vid on getting OctoPrint running from scratch

Vid on running Astroprint ( OctoPi for people who don’t want to worry about router security settings)

Vid on useful things to print

vid using 3D parts at Volkswagen

vid on using using tinkercad, including adding chamfers

Huge eagle print on CR-10 (TLDR: Fast forward to 6:42)

Pallette: Machine that splices filaments from different spools into 1 to change any printer into a multicolor printer.

Nice build that combines CNC with 3D printer

Replacing Melzi board with a Smoothie


Using a contour gauge w/ inkscape to made 3D parts

Getting different infills on a single 3D print w/ Cura

Slic3r settings explained

Variable Heights using PE Slic3r

Using MeshMixer supports


Cura settings explained

Post processing PLA- check out the car wheel mag

Shell Thickness done with Fusion360

How a spool holder can cause printing imperfections

Thin walls

Flexion Extruder Review

SVG to Fusion360 to 3D print

Best testing of a 3D skateboard with planetary gears by a skateboard crew

Removing Buildtak (sp?) and testing Zebra Plate

2017 Newbies FAQ about 3D printing.


still going strong, I like that

Thx for your effort


I have a bunch of co-workers getting into 3D printing and was getting tired of go through my old emails to find previous vids sent to others. Now I can just point them to this forum.


Processing PLA prints w/ a convention oven

Using Sharpies to color filament

Using Methylene Chloride on PLA

PLA smoothing with Acetone dipping method

PLA smoothing with a heat gun

( I’ve get much better results using a $50 hot air rework station use for surface mount work,

Painting 3D models w/ Jackie Wan

Examples of using metal spray paint on objects

Different paints on prints

Wood filler on 3D prints


Mods for monoprice maker select, but applies to I3 kits

Adding gcode to do the filament prime like on the Prusa MK2


Making threaded 3d parts in fusion360

Troubleshooting Clogs / Jams

Cold pull a.k.a. Atomic method to clear clogs

Conductive 3D filament power testing


Love Tom’s video on how to control LEDs on your 3D printer using standard gcode.


Scan your house and 3D print it:


Scanning your head for 3D printing using autocad tools