Best 3D Youtube Videos


anet a8 upgrade with e3d

3D printing obi-wan light saber


Comparison of flexible materials


Really nice intro to using the basics of Tinkercad to make a nail box holder


Simple but effective Anet A8 upgrades:
-belt upgrade, frame upgrade, hot end
-shows a good printer if things go right

Nice time lapse of building Anet A8, including a crack in the frame w/ Melamine frame upgrade.
Many co-workers ask me about the Anet A8 for a 1st printer.
I like this one as it shows possible road blocks that may be encountered which show the following

  • power supply concerns
  • Cracked frame
  • Melted connections on controller

This vid includes everything a new person would want to consider including octopi

Dealing with 3D printed parts and thermal expansion using Fusion360 and Slic3r x-y compensation parameter (Cura calls this horizontal size expansion)

3D tolerance torture test

Explanation of how different Cura settings change your printing w/ the whistle on thingiverse

Explanation of advance settings in Cura

Using s3d to do multi-color prints even if you printers firmware does not support it like the MK2 does


Cura per model settings w/ gradual infill


Thinking about putting up all posts together as one :slight_smile:


Yes, I think that would be great.

Anet A8 modified with the BL touch


Using wood filament and PE slic3r to get multi color prints from a single nozzle by changing the nozzle temperature


Nice review of PLA blend that is like ABS but easier to print

If building a 3d printer, this $20 fully assembled oscope (DSO138) would be good to have once an issue is encountered:

(tips on using this tool:
(flashing to enable more features:

How to setup Cura to draw with a marker and a 3D printer

Steel I3 frame upgrade process. The frame seems a bit pricey, but may be useful if going to a wood frame

Using Fusion360 to make a metal part for motor
Designing, 3d Printing and Casting a Replacement Part for a Carburetor


Correctly Dimension your Sketches! CAD for Newbies with Fusion 360

3D Printing can be made stronger through a number of tweaks

Making signs and logos

20 essential 3D printing tools

Getting the most parts per printbed volume (


Anet A8 9 Point Auto Bed Leveling with Skynet and Anet Sensor

3D print a spare key using OpenScad

3D print a spare key by scanning an image w/photoshop


Using TinkerCad to make multi colored signs with a single nozzle 3D printer


Nice use of TinkerCad to make some threaded clamps


Use Fusion360 in a web browser


Let me help you a bit :smiley:

600 Watt, 3d-printed, Halbach Array, brushless DC electric Motor

And the builder sent it to Flite Test to put it on a RC plane.(real flight coming soon)


My office buddy got a monoprice mini select that he is interested in hacking.

If you need to hack a 3D printer or just find a problem (garbled LCD), it may be helpful to view the data.

These day you can pick up a $5 dollar USB logic analyzer, the vid below covers everything on using these tools.


Garbled LCD? Use a spare cheap arduino as a 6 channel logic analyizer

more info:


More advance Cura settings like setting the wall thickness

Using a radius gauge and calipers to make a custom case using TinkerCad


Nice OnShape (CAD that runs in your web browser) overview


use a photo in fusion 360 to design a replacement part