Bowden and Direct Drive to Swap Filament for Multi-Color Printing

Ok this is a request for ideas and help.

I have a D-Bot that I’m installing the E3D Hermes Direct Drive unit to the X-Carriage. I also purchase 3D Chameleon ( kit which allows me to use 4 different filaments into one extruder using a contact switch to cycle between multiple bowden extruders.

So here is the pickle I’m in.

  1. I want to use Hermes Direct-Drive
  2. I want to use Bowden to load and unload filaments.
  3. I want to use Bowden and Direct Drive simultaneously.

How do I get a bowden and a direct drive to turn at same time? Idea is the bowden will feed, load and unload filament through 3D Chameleon splitters and onto the direct drive.

I also need to deteremine the feedrate for each unit and see if I can feed filament without jamming or stripping the filament.

If I can manage this feat, I should have a robust design to multi-printer.