Breathe-3DP PLA++


I saw Tom’s most recent video on PLA and had to come by to discuss a particular blended PLA by Breathe-3DP. Full disclosure, I know the owner and occasionally sell the filament alongside my print service.

With that said, the only product I’ve seen Tom test from them was their nylon. Their PLA++ though is really something else entirely and doesn’t behave poorly as other blended PLAs. I also know Tom must be pretty sick of testing more PLAs so I haven’t recommended it more than once or twice through the various platforms. Their parent company is Universal Fibers so a nylon blended PLA was an obvious choice.

It’s been great watching Tom since the early days, really doing this on a whole new level of awesomeness. It’s been inspiring for me to do the same too someday soon. Has anyone else tried this stuff yet?

I am only not a fan of their black filament. Same issue with Polymaker’s black polycarbonate as well. Just lower performance than the rest.