Build surface suggestions?

Hi im searching a good build surafce i have tried several ones but no one fitted my needs. I print mainly PETG and would like to print abs. i already tried the magnetic plate from creality and an ultrabase. the problem with the creality oe was that i was getting blobs because of high temperature and the problem with the ultrabase is that it is not working for a long time, because of the PETG, i wanted to try Buildtak, but the reviews said that it is not good for large prints. Have you suggestions or experiences with buildtak is it really so bad? is it working with the spaltula?

Painters Tape if you want to protect the ultrabase. I have printed some PETG on it without problem but not that much and had no problems so far. I also successfully printed both ABs and PETG (and Nylon and HIPS and PLA) on garolite What is the problem with PETG on Ultrabase?

I also use petg and have found a glass plate with carbon fiber excellent, such as:

Print at 260/70 and let the table completely cool to room temperature before lifting the print off.

Clean with alcohol between prints. My workshop is quite cold in the winter so experiment. After about a year or wear my build plate is in bad shape on small prints put a little glue stick on the plate to help with adhesion.
Good luck.

I tried a lot of build surfaces including buildtak and found the the best build surface is Geckotek. With the Geckotek you can print most of the materials in the market including ABS and PETG and it is the only build surface the can print Nylon. My bed dimensions are 300*300 and i am working with the Geckotek for couple of years with great success.