Cheap TPU


So after printing with PLA for a while, I thought it was about time to start dipping into other filament types, one that I really want to try is flexible filaments.
While perusing Amazon and Ebay I found some fairly cheap TPU filament by Surreal (pretty sure that’s just a Chinese brand that also sells clothes, toasters, and anything else they find cheap). Does anybody have any experience with this filament? I mean, for £17, I’m thinking I might just give it a go and if it is bad, then I haven’t really lost much



Haven’t tested myself. Sure, “what might go wrong, it’s not a lot of money” is true, unless you ruin your extruder / hotend… :wink: Always keep that in mind. :slight_smile:
Personally I’ve had great experiences with filament. Looks like they have TPU, too nowadays (35€ / 31£); when I last ordered they only had PLA and PETG which both work well!
Next time that I order something, I’ll get some TPU from them and also a Masterspool :sunglasses: