Cheapest prusa clone - question about firmware



First of all, thanks for making GREAT tutorial “Building the cheapest possible Prusa i3 MK2”. I’m at 90% building process. I only need to wire up everything with Arduino and RAMPS.

Question is: What firmware to put on arduino?
Marlin latest stable (1.1.8):
Marlin from tutorial (2017-03-19, that’s version 1.1.0-RC8):
Prusa MK2 fork of Merlin:

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Marlin latest stable.

No point using old marlin.

Prusa firmware you linked to won’t work on ramps. My fork of prusa firmware will work on ramps, but really you still need a mk42 bed.


OK, I will use Marlin latest stable.

Mm, so, only change that I need to do to get Prusa firmware (Your fork) working on Dolly is to put MK42 heat bed?

Thanks for answering me!