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Hello everyone
I’m fairly new to the 3d printing community and I loved the recent video out out by Tom on the cost of cloning the MK2. I have a question though. Are the any similar clone guides out there for a printer with a larger print bed . I’m hopeing to print in the 400 to 500 mm range all xyz so a prusa cr 10 super clone. Does anyone have any suggestions or point me in any directions. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Hi OSUWOLF, nice to meet you.

You can always go through the following pages

Most of the Machines come with a GitHub Repo or some tutorials on how to build them




Welcome to the forum. If this is your first build, I would suggest you keep the print size to a more manageable 200mm range for a few reasons.

  • Cost. A bigger bed is more expensive and will require a larger power supply.
  • Rigidity. Larger printers must be stronger and have tighter tolerances. They will be less forgiving than a smaller printer.
  • Maintaining temperatures. Ideally, a bed will have a uniform temperature to promote better adhesion. Finding a quality bed is tough enough at smaller sizes.
  • Leveling. Similar issue to temperature. Beds are not perfectly flat, and definitely warp a bit when heated. Bigger beds may be more challenging to level (though not impossible).
  • Weight. A more massive bed could cause artifacts in prints at higher speeds (tunable, but will be more work).

Building a bigger printer is certainly possible, but I imagine it will take quite a bit more work to get satisfactory prints. Prop makers on u-tube often find ways of designing large prints in multiple pieces rather than going bigger.

Either way, you’ll learn a lot and we’ll be here to help and cheer you on!


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I appreciate the feed back and understand your advice. What if I went the other direction. Do you have any suggestions for a printer that prints small but very accurately, around 100mm xyz? Something I could start with before I work my way up to large prints.



The funny thing is that smaller in this case won’t necessarily be cheaper or more precise. My first printer was a Monoprice Mini. It has a print size of about 130 x 100. I used it to print all the parts of my first i3 clone, minus the controller cover and spool holder (the clone printed its own!) I really liked that printer and it was under $200 US.

For a little more than that, you might consider an i3 clone. Specifically, mk2 parts on a mk3 frame.



Ty for the insight. I really appreciate it, I will pick on of the mk models to start with. Ty