Connecting PSU 12v 30A to ramps 1.4

Hi, i bought an PSU 12v 30A, so i using awg 10 wire, but i have issues connecting to the ramps green connector, any terminal or without not fit, what solution have you used in this case using awg 10 wires?.

you have other problems when you use that PSU on a ramps.
If you draw that much ampere which the psu can deliver you burn your ramps and maybe your printer and house.

It should be a warning sign when you can plug such thick cables into the connector…

Hi, thank for you reply, really? I see on net people using that same PSU 12v 30a 360W on cloned prusa using ramps, but no info of the wire, so i assumed 10 gauge wire was necessary as it supports those amps, I can’t find a 20A PSU, what is your suggestion, a 12 gauge? or some device between the PSU and the ramps, I’m new to those electrical issues.


then they are using a external mosfet for the heated bed with better connectors.
If you draw more than 11A on the heatbed it will melt down.
But some ramps have so bad connectors which allready melt down at 8-9A.

The power input connectors also melt easy.

I will not use the heating bed for now, what your suggestion? change the wire gauge or buy another PSU and which one do you recommend ?, or place an amperage limiter that I do not know if it exists


when you don’t use a heated bed it is fine.

Thank you!, Just a last question, can I switch to a 12 gauge wire? since the 10 is very thick and does not fit in the green connector of the ramps.

should be ok / when you don’t use a heated bed you normally just use 20w for the hotend heater (maybe 40w) and around 20w for the eletronic and steppers. So no high currents are needed.