Corexy not centering prints


Hi everyone. I just finished building a corexy style printer. For some reason my printer prints everything in the back left corner. This is also where my X and Y endstops are situated. I use Cura to slice and save the Gcode to an SD card. I’ve tried setting the origin in Cura both as the center of the bed and as the bottom left. When centered, it prints in back left corner. When setting the origin as the bottom left corner, the printer will print in the bottom right hand corner. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

I need help please. I could upload my Marlin config if needed.



Are you sure your printer is configured correctly? Can you jog the prinhead manually, and it moves correctly?

What exactly do you mean by “prints in a corner”? Can ypu post pictures?



Hi lkm. Thanks for the reply. When I jog the printhead manually, it moves in the correct directions. All prints start in the back left-hand corner of the heated bed. I will post pics tomorrow. It’s too dark in my workshop now to take decent pics. As for the correct setup; I don’t know what I might be doing wrong. I am pretty sure it is something obvious that I’m missing. I’ve watched dozens of setup and config vids for corexy printers and followed the instructions to the T.