Could high filament feed rate folk test this and see what you think?

If you have a volcano nozzle or some other setup that has a high filament feed rate, please try out this python script and see what you think. I was curious about just how fast the filament was getting pushed by my extruder, so I wrote this and included the ability to see how fast the filament could be pushed given other restraints.

Most of my prints only push filament about 3mm/s and it looks like printing at 300mm/s would be about 12mm/s filament feed rate. I only have a 0.4mm nozzle and I print at 80mm/s. I am sure some others have a wide nozzle and have a print speed faster than 100mm/s.

@thomassanladerer if you could get Stefan aka CNC Kitchen to look at this, I think he might enjoy it. He seems to enjoy python scripts.