CR-10s Pro | Anycubic Chiron

I have been looking for a 3D printer with a large print volume, that means larger than the bed of my Prusa MK3 and higher than my Anycubic Kossel linear plus. What I found within my prefered price range and order options and after narrowing it down by watching some reviews are the CR-10s Pro and the
Anycubic Chiron.
The advantages of the CR10s Pro are:

  • TMC2208 drivers
  • larger community as far as I can tell
  • maybe better build quality ( had a not so good experience with Anycubic)

for the Anycubic Chiron:

  • cheaper
  • larger build volume
  • maybe better print surface ( I like the Ultrabase)

I have found upgrades for both which may negate some of those advantages, i.e. get TMC
drivers for the Anycubic and use flex plates for both. Considering that I would have to know
which one of these would be better in the long run. Or maybe there are others that I should

Hi the Anycubic uses their TriGorilla board.
There you can replace the Stepper drivers

their fork of the firmware is there:

The power supply fan as i heared is really loud.
And the Firmware can only read files in the root directory.
Maybe it is already fixed …

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Thank you, one more piece of the puzzle.