Cr10 underextrusion/splitting/?

the images speak for themselves, there is massive underextrusion and what looks like splitting, also massive stringing. some areas still print perfectly, and i am able to print very small objects with hardly any issues. i have tried to increase the extruder spring tension but that hasnt had any noticeable impact in my opinion. as im not sure of what the problem is, i ordered a new stock hotend and capricorn bowden tube.

also the worst quality is on the the side which doesnt have a z screw

print settings are as follows:

0.22mm height
1 wall line count
1 top surface skin layers
3 top/bottom layers
20% gyroid infill
print temp 200c
bed 45c
flow 100%
2mm retraction
extra prime 0.2mm3
print speed 55
outer wall 27.5
infill 55
jerk 8
combing mode: all
fan speed 100

some nice print with a gap

It looks like the gantry is not level.
So the layers doesn’t stick on the right side.
The stringing is what i think the perimeters which doesn’t strick to the layer below.

Check if you can adjust the rollers on the right to constrain the gantry.

the bed is square ith the gantry within 0.05 mms

please request more images of the print if you think it will help

maybe in addition

the gantry is not level to my table surface but it is level to the actual print bed