Cura dual-extrusion - start each layer with same material

Hi Forum,

maybe you can help me. I am printing PLA and PVA on an Ultimaker S5 and have issues with the surface quality where the support is touching the model. My guess is that it comes from a time saving ‘feature’: Cura starts each layer with the last active extruder thus changing the order for each layer. This makes the lower sides of my parts look ugly.
Is there a way to tell cura to stop that?

Thanks for any suggestion!


you have to set the extruder as a support extruder

@moorviper good one.

Seriously, I know Cura got a bit confusing these days but is there really no way to make it print each layer in the same order (1st supp, 2nd part)?

did a clean install of cura and it does it exactly as you want / always the support is printed first. then the model

Thanks, but that didn’t work for me. I installed Cura on a machine that never saw Cura before and tried a 10mm sphere to keep it simple. No luck, layer 1 starts with E1 and layer 2 with E2 and so on.

Yesterday i tried a 10x30x2mm block that i tilted slightly and got a good result with ‘Z overrides XY’ and zero distance between supp and model, although this looked good on that simple model, another test with a more complicated shape ended up looking bad again.