Delta Custom Build Questions


I would like to build (customize) a dual extrusion delta printer.
My ultimate goal is to create a reliable dual extrusion Delta printer that is capable of using PVA as a support material in a build box in the negbhorhood of 10"x 10" x 10". I previously built a corexy so I have developed a list of things “Not to do”. :lol:

I have several questions and am looking for advice/guidance.

  1. I am under the impression that one of the advantages of a Delta printer is print speed. Is this true?
    Can Delta printers print faster than Cartesian printers?
  2. Are there any major advantages/disadvantages of delta printers vs. Cartesian printers?
  3. Can anyone point me in the direction of a sound (modifiable/scalable) Delta printer design?
  4. In my very limited previous experience building a 3D printer, I came to the conclusion that the wiring/firmware was by far the most complicated part of the design. I would like to use proven design electronics that produce the best results for a Delta printer and have the most accessible help/support. Can anyone point me to a proven design that does not sacrifice performance.