DIY printer sulking after I once abandoned it, now need help

I’m new here so not sure if this is the correct place to ask for help, but here goes.

I have a diy Mendel/i3 which I built some years ago and had it working successfully. I ignored it for about 4 years and now have decided to resurrect it but it is acting all emotional and will not cooperate with me. I have upgraded the Marlin firmware to Bugfix-2.0.x and have added an inductive probe for bed levelling. Inititally I used Marlin 2.0.x and eventually managed to successfully probe the bed with Bilateral probing on the normal 9 point matrix.

However since upgrading to the Bugfix Marlin I have probed the bed successfully only once, now the printer is sulking and stops probing at the 3rd probe point. As an ex teacher I’m used to obstreperous teenagers but this thing has me foxed!!

By the way, I have the inductive probe connected to the Z_MIN on my ramps 1.4 board and am using the +5V for the probe, should I use 12V to drive the probe with a suitable voltage reduction circuit for the signal Voltage? But it has already worked successfully and repeatably with present set up.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated - even psychiatric (for me , not the prrinter)!

Maybe you destroyed your Z_MIN Pin :frowning:
Normaly such type of sensors is powerd with +12V but it depends on the type of sensor.
Signal should be connected trough a voltage divider (15k and 10k) to the Input Pin.

Hi andy, thanks for taking the time to reply, I think that the Zmin pin is ok. I returned to a m,ethod I previously used for the Z probe i.e. by connecting the inductive probe to the zmin pin and use the 5V line to connect the power to the probe and it works ok. however I have other problems, M502 doesn’t seem to clear the Eeprom and setting the nozzle height for printing is still aproblem I think that I’ll just go back to manual levelling and microswitch endstops which worked well for years.


there are 5v available /all that i use are 5v


What model of sensor do you use?