Does filament make a difference in dimensional accuracy?


Does filament make a difference in dimensional accuracy? I used some cheaper filament and it seems to be about .2mm bigger on the prints overall dimensions. I’m trying to figure out if it’s the settings in Cura or the filament. Thanks for any help.



Just measure the width of your filaments with a (digital)calliper;
my 1st filament was 1,6mm in stead of 1,75mm… that value improved the constant underextrusion for me…



I personally take at leest 20 measurement onthe first 10m of a new spool and take the mean of those measurements as the diameter I set u for that spool of material in the slicer

Regards Richard



Thanks for the answers, does over extrusion or under extrusion cause the part to be over in the overall dimensions of a part by .2mm? Say if I was going for 20mm wide and turns out to be 20.21mm instead. Thanks again.



It could but you would most likely see other signs of overextrusion, such as the nozzle dragging on already deposited filament, bulging layers, heavily overlapping lines, and as a result often a choppy thick first layer.

What printer are you using?