Dolly as stealth as possible


So my goal is to make the ultimate Desktop 3D Printer. That is as quiet as can be. As of right now it is pretty darn quiet. It’s equiped with:

  • TMC2100 (planning to upgrade it down the line to TMC2130, but i need to do some more research on how to get it them to work on my MKS GEN L, any tips?)
  • MK3 X-Carriage with genuine noctua fan
  • Replaced 60mm fan of psu for a 60mm noctua fan
  • Control box equipped with noctua fan 90mm for cooling the stepsticks
  • Rubber feet (that are generally used for subwoovers)
  • Motor dampeners

The only thing that is making a large amount of noise is the part cooling fan (radial fan). Does anyone know what fan i should choose that makes the less noise but does do a relatively good job of cooling the layers? I mainly print PLA so it’s important for me


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and use a blower fan @ low speed than you have better and quiet cooling.

I use tmc2100
the tmc 2130 are not worth the work in my opinion.
There is so much bad things written in the datasheet/handbook of the drivers which prusa of course doesn’t tell.

The benefits are to low for the extra work.

dcstep is the only thing which would be nice …



Thanks for replying, The endstop-less homing is pretty cool though. And i already have them in stock so it will be a project for later.

back on topic: The thing you sent is for cooling the cooling-block right? What im talking about is the cooling fan for the layers.

Is there some manufacturer for radial fans that stands out in quiet operations perhaps



I think there a blower fan is the best quietest solution.
But when you buy @ aliexpress you get one with bad bearings.
the air noises are there with every fan / what can make a big difference are the fan shrouds.
I am currently experimenting with some models.
But the main goal for me is to see the noozle which isn’t the case by the prusa model.
I also switched at one printer to a titan extruder.

Alex made a good video about blower fans:

the one which is used by creality is also very quiet. But they are known to be not very long lasting



I’m running tmc2130s on x & y, a 40mm Noctua for the hotend cooler, and another 40mm Noctua for the controller. Loudest things on my Dolly are the radial cooling fan (and the bearings!) I’ve sought a replacement for that fan and have had no such luck. If moorviper has a recommendation for the blower fan, I’d love to hear it, as it would solve both of our problems!

@moorviper - the Noctuas are the quietest things I’ve ever (not) heard! Blowers apparently move more air, but make TONS more noise.




i run the blower fan with only 10% on the hotend heatsink / so you cant hear the fan.
The only thing you hear is a little the noise of the air / but much much quieter than a stock MK2 fan



That is something to try out for sure. I have also ordered a 4010 blower style fan (like the ender3 uses) not sure yet how to mount that one though