Dolly Clone - Z probe heating

Hi Folks,

My Dolly clone is almost working, but, I have just one major problem halting my progress. I keep suffering heat soak.Hotend and Z probe can be + 150mm and when the hotend is on, the probe triggers (inductive) , so the printer suddenly thinks +150mm is 0.

Anybody else building the dolly clone suffered this issue? I have no idea how to defeat it. I slowed it down with a piece of glass between the nozzle and the probe, but it lasted about 7 seconds if I am lucky!

Any ideas?

Maybe a cable/ the probe is broken.

it works perfectly when its not in printing mode. for example, I can just send G28 and G29 after G28 annd G29, no problem, but as soon as it starts to print, the heat gets to the probe.

It’s also the second probe to have this issue.

can you upload a picture of your hotend/extruder assembly ?