[Dolly I3] Spool Holder


Hi i know there is already one for the dolly i3 on thingiverse.

But i wanted an other design :wink:
tomorrow i will do a testprint.
(and maybee put 2 holes on it to skew it to the frame …)

about 120g filament needed incl support

It is for 6,5cm standard 1kg spools and there is a adapter for 500g spools.



The print orientation on this will likely be a problem. I had a similar issue when designing a spool holder that failed after a short time. The weight of the spool will produce a shearing force against these layer lines:

The layer lines are always the weak point of a print, so you want to avoid placing any pressure on them. If you take a look at all the highly-rated spool holder designs on thingiverse they are all printed such that the weight of the spool pushes parallel to the layer lines. Of course, it’s hard to avoid this when the whole spool holder is printed in one piece, because one part of it inevitably ends up becoming the weak point no matter how you orient the print. That’s why they are generally printed in multiple parts (and this also allows one to adjust for different spool sizes using different parts).



yes i got it as i removed the support -> it broke

On the other hand the holes for the nuts and the screws which i put in printed to small.
But i xtra checked the din norm :-/

Maybe its the Filament / i printed from a extremly cheap 5,20 € 1KG ABS Filament roll :wink:

i think i will put a threaded hole for a M10 threaded rod into this part of the holder and maybe cut it at this point



It’s very common for holes to come in too small as the filament oozes slightly while cooling, I almost always end up drilling out holes after printing them.



i printed out a case for the mks sbase based on the prusa scad file an it came out perfect.

So it confuses me :smiley:



Hi guys,

A fillet may go a long way in spreading out the load in the one piece design. I built a one piece spool holder with the same orientation and it has been holding up well (ABS, 250C). Layer bonding took priority over appearance.

Just keep in mind that sharp “joints” are stress points.



Nice. Was that with my customiser?



yes was your file on thingiverse
done with OpenSCAD

I printed my spool now with a hole for a M10 treaded rod (a part which was left from the dolly build )