Dual-hotend printer assembly


Hey guys. I wan to share a bit of experience and ask for advice on the dual-hotend printer assembly.

So what I am looking for is a robust printer with a good stable frame, good set of electronics and possibly an enclosure. Then I want to upgrade it by replacing the hotend (probably for a e3d Chimera+) and the extruders to go with it. Then I want to print the usual suspects PLA, PETG, TPU and (if enclosure present) Nylon with the 1st hotend and some soluble support with the other one.

What would you recommend and does anybody have experience with this sort of stuff? Any other recommendations?
I mostly print functional engineering parts.

Now a bit of my experience: I bought a super cheap chinese 3d printer kit from Amazon just to give it a try. It had slightly bend Z rods and uses belts for both X and Y, glass as print surface. Then upgraded it with a Titan + v6 in a Bowden config and added some fans here and there. And now I have been printing with it for quite a while, primarily using PETG and have learnt it so well that I almost dont get any stringing and print ~50deg overhangs. I have also had great results with TPU. PLA warps for me, so does ABS, Nylon and POM (Acetal). Usually print at 40-60 mm/s. With a rough enclosure I have managed to print ABS and a bit of Nylon, but I don’t use it all the time. No success with POM however.
Now I want to get something more versatile, precise and that can print a bit faster.

Also, anyone managed to print POM?