E3D v6 extruding problem. heat creep?

Hello everyone,
recently i’m kinda finishing my printer and added the walls for the enclosure. But then my big problem started, the printer fails to consistently extrude filament, especially after a few layers. Also it will sometimes stop extruding at all.

What i tried to fix it:

  • many cold pulls
  • used different kinds of thermal compound, right now theres the original that comes with the E3D v6, but i also tried Arctic Ceramique 2 and Gelid GC Extreme. I only used them on the cold side.
  • printed different materials, PLA, ABS, PETG
  • removed the printer walls, but it doesnt make a big difference
  • replaced the thermistor cartridge
  • moved the cooling fan from below the extruder-motor to the opposite side, so it won’t push the heated air from below the motor
  • used different heatbreaks, same problem with original E3D and Microswiss
  • used different nozzles, no difference between plated copper, hardened steel and brass
  • cleaned the filament pulley
  • varied the idler tension
  • higher/lower extruder motor current

Nothing really helped, one of the better prints i got was this one.

You can see how the inconsistency increased until it finally stopped extruding at all.
It’s kinda frustrating to deal with this, since i almost finished building the printer and i hope someone can help me figure out what’s wrong.

The electronics are seperate from the printer chamber and get active cooling. I use MKS Gen L Board with TMC2209 drivers and a 24V Meanwell power supply.

Have a nice day and happy printing!

Strange i only had this problem when i didn’t use thermal compound on my full metal hotend.

You can also try a teflon lined hotend.
Then 250°C is the maximum. I have gone to max 245°C to increase the lifespan of the tube.

When you only print PLA, ABS and PETG a teflon lined heatbreak is fine.

I didn’t want to use a teflon lined heatbreak, because of the occasional maintenance and also i have some ABS-Filaments which need higher temperature, like 250-260°C. Really good timing on the Problem, since i was only one 3h print away from mounting a Titan Aero.

Alright, a lot happened last few days. First i made a janky mount for the Titan Aero Extruder and tried printing with that. Same problem as with the v6. Then after breaking the heatbreak, getting one piece stuck in the heatsink and getting it out today, i again cleaned and reassembled the titan aero with the MicroSwiss heatbreak and it actually printed the part without jamming. I left the door of the printer open and since i had no actual mount for the part cooling fan, i directed it at the extruder gear. I’ll try some more prints tomorrow with the door closed and/or the part cooling fan off. If the filament gets stuck again i think i’ll have to upgrade to the titan aqua.

Pretty annoying, that the filament jams at slightly higher ambient temperature, i measured about 30°C to 35°C in the chamber with the v6.