EInsy Rambo board

I have a MK3 and want to add additional fans. I see a 5V plug in next to the reset button but are there any other sources of power from the board?

What do you want to use the fan for? Is it alway on or need to be PWM control?

Thanks for asking. two sets, one to run during the print cycle (same as the NOCTA on the head unit) and the other to run at the print head.

The NOCTA fans to pull air across the EINSY board and the power - I think I can wire them in series? Either plug into the existing one or find another power source.

I also have the 2 fan setup for the print fan, I believe that is just splicing into the existing fan for power only, no control.

and the print fan has to be pwm controlled.

Hi there, I want to use a 24V fan with Einsy Rambo too, the circuit to control PWM in 5V can be used with the 24v I think.
it’s the NCV8402D and the drain to source is 42Volt so it can handle the 24Volt from the PSU?
Just need to connect the ground fan to J4/5 Pin1 and 24V Fan to 24V PSU?


Or at least wee can use the P2-1 it’s a Pwm pin and use an IRF540 to control the 24V Fan…

Pin Map:

PS: I think there’s an error in the marlin pin config for this ligne (but it’s not the question here ^^):

it’s Pin 76 PJ5 the only one connected to P3-10, the 78 is not connected:

EDIT > So another question : To dissipate the TMC2130 on the EinsyBoard I think I must place the dissipator on the rear of the einsy board?

So, I think it’s usefull:

LCD 12864 IN SPI!!!



Wow very interesting. I was wondering what those 3 areas of pins were used for. So it looks like we can draw 5V power off those in several places?

P1 - 1 and 2
P2/3 - 2 and 1
P3 - 2 and 4

The 3 plug are for AUX, you can connect what you want if the FW or your skill did the trick!
By the way the P1 and P2 are used for LCD/SD/Encoder from lcd like This one or This another one
Or If you have some thing in your drawers this:


To answer you, you have +5V from P1-1 , P3-1 and P3-2 the other pin are GND, Ground…so it’s common to 12V or 24V…or 5V

I confirm 24Volt fan work perfectly with the PWM signal from PiN fan connected to ground fan and 24V fan connected to +24V…

I worked on it a little this weekend., It turns out all but one of the power pins are taken so I just wired in the print head fan to the existing one. Used these new heat shrink wraps with solder in them. Simply awesome. Instead of soldering the wires together, just twist, and then shrink the wrap.

Hi, if you want +5V you have :

J15-4 (Z probe pin)

And you can have +5V with J19-2 or 10, but leave this pin it’s for Pi Zero…

Can you guys help me to make the Einsy Rambo work with 12V Noctua fans? I built a MK3S with a 24V PSU.
When I do the Selftest or use M106, if I initiate the spin of the fans manually, they pass the test. But if I let them go through the process by themselves, they fail. When they fail, I can still see them trying to move, but it looks like there is not enough power to start the spinning.