Extruder motor extruding too much too fast. Calibrated E-Steps


Hi y’all!

Long time watcher of Tom’s videos and I’m having some issues with both of my printers.

I’m seeking help regarding to my exrtruder. I have an upgraded Delta Rostock Max with 32bit RAMPS-FD. I upgraded the FW to try and get the better bed leveling from Repetier 1.0.4 and have it up and running except the extruder.

I have calibrated it with 10cm measurements and is as spot on as it can be with 10cm segments. Five iterations and I’m very happy and confident with the E-Step value. From Repetier Host I send the E-command and it works fine.

The issue is when printing. It starts nice an slow then all of a sudden it speeds up to a crazy feedrate (about 300RPM or 5 rotations per second). No way will the hot end handle that (might be 1000mm/s feedrate?).

I’ve tested Slic3r (compared the settings for both printers, nothing odd) and Cura (stock settings). Both have the same issue.

Checked settings for multpliers, feeds, speeds, modifiers, heights, infil, nozzle, filament. Checked the EEPROM values…

Any idea where to check or what could be causing this? It just chews up the filament in seconds and jams the hot end.

Any help appreciated!

Thanks : )


Here is a short video; https://youtu.be/I3r_ETdARJs