Finally - a use for Benchies?


After a conversation in a Discord, an idea has percolated into possible tangibility - and it includes an actual use for Benchies!

Basically - Battle Benchies! A tabletop wargame that arms up and armors up the Benchies, and gives them everything from goop launchers, to ramming prows, to Big Honking Guns!

I’ve already worked up a basic rule set for the idea, plus about five prow mounted devices / weapons, five rear mounted devices / weapons, and six for amidships. However, to date, the only thing I have actually modelled is a canon (on a pivot) for midships that can pivot 180 degrees in the rear arc, and fits on the square box thingy amidships of the Benchy.

If I post the list, would people be interested in whipping up the other devices / weapons in a rather cartoony look?



some play with then the benchy stack game :smiley: