Flashforge Adventurer 3


I live in Tasmania, Australia.
I have used two Flashforge Adventurer 3 printers recently. Both printers began magnificently, printing anything I asked of them. But after going through about 3 reels of filament the printing degrades. The filament will not feed. Apparently the nozzle is getting clogged. I have undertaken the unclogging procedure repeatedly, over many days. Most prints begin well, but the extruder gets clogged quickly. Both printers reached a point where they cannot complete a print without this issue. The supplied un-clogging tools are not adequate. Advice on what to do about this has been given which if followed could damage the printer. If the printer was not a proprietary product I might have tried it.

With the first printer I used non-Flashforge filament. One roll was a gift from the shop I purchased it from.
Throughout the use of the second printer I have used only brand new Flashforge filament.

Rather than risk damage to the printer I elected to return the first printer to it’s place of purchase. I am at the point where I have no confidence in this product and will return the second one with the expectation of receiving a full refund.



How are you storing the filament? It could have picked up moisture and that can cause the clogging.



With the first printer moisture in the filament could have been a problem. But with the second printer I used only brand new FlashForge filament straight out of the sealed plastic bag. The printer was in constant use, so the filament has not been exposed long enough to be affected. Weather here is hot and dry - “bushfire season” we call it in Australia.