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I’m noticing that lots of threads are questions about printing. phpBB is not the best tool for these kinds of discussions, because they tend to result in pages and pages of responses, very few of which actually contain useful information. When people later google for the same question, it’s almost impossible to find the useful answers in the huge haystack of responses.

I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be worth considering using something other than phpBB for this. Two options that come to mind are

[]A Stack Overflow clone; here are some options:
]If you want to stick to something closer to phpBB, maybe Discourse would be an option. It offers things like badges, so useful answers could be marked, which will make it easier to find them for somebody looking through a thread:


Tom does testing Discourse at one point but not sure why he revert back to phpBB.


There where some issues with discourse, main problem is: I’m Webdev PHP not Ruby and don’t have the time (or want to) deal with Ruby but am totally able to fix phpBB to a running thing.

We wait for 1000 members and then decide to switch to something more suitable.

So get your friends to register and we can talk about a new forum software ^^


Discourse is too much for me to handle right now. I don’t really want to maintain a full Linux server, virtual or dedicated, and the ready-to-go-packages are all supposedly underpowered or are fairly expensive. Official Discourse packages start at $100 per month for 100k pageviews, which honestly isn’t a whole lot either.


Hello Tom and Nils,
if any assistance or development support needed I could offer my (free of charge) experience. Full stack PHP Software engineer with 20 years experience. Located somehow nearby. Living in 85072 and working most of the time in Munich.

Regards Richard


Hi Richard, keeping that in mind, thanks