FRC team 1989 3DP sharing

The following is a copy of a post made by FRC team 1989 in multiple forums. We are a robotics team I posted some pics here. If we want to use anything we worked on in off season we have to publicly share it. So besides sharing on the usual FRC places as its 3DP we also share it here

Thanks to whoever suggested we set up a grab cad thing to share the files it seems to work well so far. So for now we will be using it. All projects currently on it are works in progress. We would appreciate if you download and use them to please let us know how it went and if you have any questions the PING1989. All projects start with FRC1989 to make searching easier (I hope) so here is a short list. All include the STL’s and Inventor files. Inventor files without STLs are sub components that usually get derived or copied into the final component/part

The URL is

HTD-5 Pulleys - self explanatary
Bearings and Bushings - ditto
Harmonic-Planetary - Our Harmonic Planetary prototype
Compound planetary - goal reduction in the 30s/40s candidate to do some lifting
Frame2020 - Frame pieces everything that is currently on Bumblebot and more
Rack2020 - our latest iteration on a rack and pinion setup for multiple purposes

There will be more as it matures and there will be updates as that is all prototypes.
Most of the stuff we print “solid” that means enough perimeters to have a solid piece without the need of infill. Some of the holes in pulleys and gears are to guide the toolpath and give some stress and/or material relief 95 percent of what we print is printed with a .8 and nothing of the stuff uploaded currently has been printed in PLA by us. Most is HIPS the rest is PETG and Nylon some of the heavier load bearing gears and high speed gears are printed in Nylon, Some of the parts have their length includes like rack2020V2-10 means 10 units. 1 Unit is 26.7mm it just worked out like that for something close to an inch yet sized that makes slicing easy and gives certain minimum wall thickness (most of the time 5.76mm) Most pieces are already up in multiple sizes and some might be too big for your printer. The frame and rack pieces can be reinforced with 1/2 in or 3/4in square stock/tubing of your choice. We have used plastics (PVC, fiberglass, nylon etc) and aluminum

If you want to use it - feel free to use it just don’t copy right or patent it as its part of an FRC operation.

And if you have any questions - ask