fuel and oil resistance.


As far as I can tell the nylon 618 and 645 are the only filaments that are fuel resistant as they are close to nylon 6. Does anyone know of other types that are fuel resistant or other brands?



Yeah it seems nylon is the way to go. HDPE, the material that is used in gas cans, does exist as filament but apparently warps really bad and is too hard to print to be viable.



is HDPE similar to CPE? I am only seeing CPE in the 3 mm size from us vendors… is it also hard to print.

new to this and only printed ABS so far and it has been fine for small items but it is giving me headaches with larger things I need to spend an afternoon (or three) looking at Toms Filimentium videos I guess



No. CPE (aka PET) is chlorinated polyethylene. HDPE is High Density Polyethylene. HDPE in its cross linked form is very fuel resistant and also found as water, sewage, or chemical tanks or piping.