Gaps in prints and printed object is not strong(breaking)


i was creating a new printer(prusa model). print quality is good and no lines in prints. but i can able to see small gaps in every print.

If i print big models, which is breaking while removing support itself.

i am attaching some pictures referring to my issue

Which material are you printing?
Which temperatures?
which speed?
Bowden or direct drive?

Which material are you printing?
(A) it’s brought from local shop , there is no brand on it.

Which temperatures?
(A) 210 and bed 60

which speed?
(A) - using prusa slicer, attaching speed tab

Bowden or direct drive?
(A) - Direct drive (MK8)

any help please.

still i am having issues, i tried increasing speed to 200% then it is getting reduced

You have to figure out what material you use.

seems its sunlu(china) filament

this is the brand …

yes, and the silver/gray color is acccreate PLA
Green one is Sunlu china
Yellow one is Sunlu china

do you think it is filament issue since both are different brands. and the same filaments is printing fine in another printer