General PLA Question


Just started printing now that I purchased an MK2s. Machine settings default to 215/55 with normal pla. If I print finer details at 1.5 I get some stringing. Is that because I am running too hot? Going to play around with settings over the weekend and was wondering if I was on the right track.



Every filament manufacturer is a bit different but I generally print PLA at 190 first layer and 180 remaining layers. The general rule is you get a cleaner looking print going cooler, but better layer adhesion going hot, so you can pick where you want to be in the temperature range based on the intended purpose of the print. Retraction settings can also affect stringing but the MK2S defaults should be good there.

This is a super fast stringing test print, printing several of these at different settings can help you find your sweet spot as they only take like 6-8 minutes to print at .15mm layer height.



Thanks! I look forward to printing that while playing with setting. Great info! Thank you.



I am learning so much quickly on different filament. However, I do have another temperature question. When I buy a spool of filament, on the roll it says print temp is 205-225 as an example from my eSun PLA Plus. Are they just the upper and lower limits? Is it ok to print at 190 for a 15hr print and see good layering? Any thoughts?



In my experience, if the temperature works for a short print, it should work for a long print, as long as your nozzle temperature doesn’t vary a lot. Maybe do a short print at 190 and watch the nozzle temperature closely to see if it ever dips too low. If it gets too cold it can miss steps when failing to extrude which will affect the quality of the print. It’s of course also worth comparing a test print at 190 and a test print at 205. If they look the same, you might as well print 205 to be safe, they’re stating that range because it performed best in their testing after all.