Genuine review of Prusa I3 Multi Material?

I have lurked on Toms site and been a subscriber to his youtube channel for quite some time, I am curious why the Prusa i3 Multi Material (v2?) never got reviewed. In fact it is really hard to find any of the major 3d printer youtube broadcasters talking about it. I know that for awhile it was vaporware and Prusa did a terrible job of selling and scaling production - but that is behind and it seems that information has not caught up. Is Prusa avoiding reviews? Is the product that bad? I am actually really interested in the capabilities it offers, but gun shy to buy a known lemon. Can anyone direct me to meaningful reviews? The most meaningful reviews I have found are: (positive) (negative for mmu positive for mosaic palette)

I have a Prusa Mk2.5S and would like to expand to multi-material… just wish i could find better comparisons between the options that are out there. I’m interested in a review from Tom on either multimaterial platform - is there a way to suggest this topic directly to Tom? All advice is appreciated - thanks.

I was hoping to hear something back… are any of you using it?

Maybe we will buy one next year at university.
So far i have only have seen it on the prusa booth.

AND they use Prusament / which makes a huge difference compared to other filament brands bacause of the tolerances in the tubes.

Thanks for the reply, i guess I’ll keep searching. It is curious to me how it has been avoided by the majority of the youtube folks.