glitter\sparkle filament?


Hi guys

I’m working on a project ready for Christmas. Do any of you smart people know where I can get glitter filament in the uk? Also does glitter filament usually need a hardened nozzle? Or is it usually ok with a standard nozzle?





cough Toms3D Infinity Blue cough



ahha, that’s what its called. No wonder i was struggling to find it :slight_smile:

but even then, I’m struggling to get it in the uk :frowning:



Filamentum does sell glitter filament

(Only some colors are glitter though)



Tom’s Infinity Blue is only available from Das Filament in Germany. Their filament is pretty cheap (not dirt cheap, but definitely very good value), but shipping heavy filament around Europe costs a bit. They have a special 500g spool available for Infinity Blue which allows them to keep the entire package below 1kg and thus the total cost at €20, but that’s still €20 for only 500g of PLA, which is a bit painful (didn’t stop me ordering it, though >.>).

If you can afford it, you could get half a dozen or so regular 750g spools of various colours (or just LOTS of Infinity Blue!) from Das Filament. Their shipping costs don’t increase much as you add more filament to your cart, so once you hit five or six kg of plastic the shipping cost per spool is much more reasonable, and the total cost is quite sensible. It’s apparently very good filament, so if you print a lot you could stock up on good workhorse filament for a sensible cost and get a load of Infinity Blue at the same time :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of any available direct from the UK, unfortunately.



Just to catch up on the topics here:

  • Glitter filament does not need special nozzles. Yes, there are particles in there, but they don’t wear down a standard nozzle like carbon-filled stuff
  • Alternatives to Infinity Blue are the Fillamentum “Vertigo” colors. They just released the Vertigo Galaxy and it’s quite quite spectacular:
  • We might see Infinity Blue being resold by Hawk 3D (UK) in the near future - if you bug Ben about it, chances are it’ll be sooner than later :wink:


Thanks for the info guys

and mega thanks tom :slight_smile:



Ooh, speaking of Hawk 3D Proto, their new filaments are very nice-looking. Not exactly glitter, but very metallic in appearance:

I need to get me some of that Nightshade Purple filament drool :smiley:



Faberdashery are a UK based filament supplier had have a “Galaxy Blue” glitter filament that is quite nice: