Watch Tom and Torbjørn build a Hangprinter into the Trinamic Office in Hamburg

The whole Playlist is here:



Hi, this is my first post here :slight_smile:

I started an exhibition about bigsize 3dprinting with RepRap printers this monday and will last two weeks, until dec22. In San Sebastian, Basque Country.

I include a Kossel XL, an old Prusa I3 modified with XL bed(20x30cm) and a Hangprinter V2, but HP it’s not finished because I’ve had several problems. Anyway the people could see the concept.

In my case the HP V2 is holded in an aluminum frame easy to move, with 2x2x2 m. I modified the design, putting the extruder and electronics out of the toolhead, in the frame.

Unfortunately the toolhead is quite fragile and I have broken it two times :shock: Before that I had mecanical problems with the D axis, the gear didn’t fits well. And cannot print at the moment.

The design of HP3 is much better but I don’t have documentation … until now.

It’s funny the coincidence because I’ve read these anouncement the same day I’ve started the exhibition. I’ll make the HP3 following this info as fast as I can.

I’m uploading pictures and info in FB , Instagram and TW (@VictorJBarahona and @Egokitek), also I’m on the HP FB group.

Thanks a lot , Tobben , Tom and all of you. This 3dprinter is really amazing.




Found this via twitter so will post the same as I posted on the video:

[quote]I’d be curious if my vernier calibration strips would be of any value to perform final “squaring” calibration ? They were intended to measure XY skew of Cartesian printers, but it could also be used to validate final calibration perhaps much more accurately than measuring:

As I think I’m going to try this build (although may get interrupted if my MK3 kit arrives :wink: ) I’ll check if the strips might need tweaking for such a large size, but I don’t think it should. I haven’t reviewed, but I suspect calibration will ultimately need to happen on the 3 radials of the effector anchors. It shouldn’t be much effort at all to tweak the vernier calibration strips to produce 3 for the delta configuration. Once I see the calibration portion of the build, it shoud be clear what needs to be changed.

Regarding the 30-lb test fused line, I’m assuming kevlar line would work just as well ? I have this 30/3 test kevlar line laying around already (used for racing drone arm repair, amateur rocketry, etc,) http://a.co/fRVOd99

I’m hoping the system uses Marlin ? I’ve got a 32-bit Re-ARM board and Silent StepSticks sitting here waiting to put into an old Printrbot but this would be a much better use !

Guess I should start clearing out the garage now :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT: Gah - YAAMUF (Yet Another Ancient Marlin Uncecessarily Forked).



This is the thread for the hangprinter day forums.reprap.org/read.php?1,792937,page=1
we have one assembled one if your building one I recommend the Mechaduinos you get closed loop. we will be calibrating it tomorrow had a short work



@gorkish Open loop can work well enough. A well calibrated printer with open loop control will produce exactly identical prints as its closed loop counterpart for less money and with an easier set up procedure. But if you can afford Mechaduinos, and if you don’t mind the extra job with setting them up, I do recommend the Mechaduinos. You will have to level shift the RAMPS i2c bus and flash each Machaduino with individually configured firmwares. Mounting them is also quite fiddly.

When I add Mechaduinos myself, I do it to get the torque mode (https://vimeo.com/227891846) and to have the possibility to auto locate anchors in the future. As a dev, the Mechaduinos are also fun to work with because they run their own firmware to which you can add new modes of operation at will.



This is also my first post here. Some coworkers and I are seriously considering a hangprinter build.

I understand that doing the build at Trinamic and having them sponsor it is part of the reason that these drivers are being used, and they are indeed very good (liking them a lot on my MK3). But looking into the documentation and various versions of the hangprinter I see that Mechaduinos have also been used. Knowing how likely it is that the hangprinter will stall on something it seems like a no brainer that closed loop control is optimal, and RAMPS+TMC2130 is just not gointg to cut the mustard.

My question is quite simply, were the TMC2130 used just because of Trinamic’s sponsorship, and if so, is going with Mechaduinos really the proper way forward? I know they are more expensive, but that is not really a huge issue here.