Hanprinter build at Trinamic - Feedback


My Hangprinter build with Torbjorn Ludvigsen at the Trinamic HQ in Hamburg is complete! There were quite a few details we ran into, which Torbjorn will change in the official Hangprinter design, but for now - what are the things you are excited about and what would you like to see improved?

Full playlist including all the livestreams:



what about adding octoprint?


I like the abillity to print huge stuff that would be difficult otherweise. This will help with some projects.

I´m still a bit holding back mainly because I´m not sure where to mount it yet. The main thing that came to my mind when seeing the build was having the steppers and electronics on the ground. Not beneath it as some did but in one edge of the anchors as a partly closed box for easier access and to hide it a bit.

I don´t understood the cable pathways yet but will see when the build starts next year.

Definetely one of the most interesting livebuilds yet.


Hi Tom,
I started building the hangprinter with a club I run at a school for the Science Fair coming up. I’ve created a Thingiverse page with all the >stl files I could find via github. However, I think I’m missing a few. Can you take a look and supply me with the .stl files I’m missing? I’m new to scad, so if you could supply the .stl files rather than the code I’d appreciate it. Thanks very much,