Help requested regarding company startup

I realize this might be a tired subject (and i’m not sure if might be breaking any forum policies), but i’m in the position where i’m looking into 3d printing and selling figurines specialized towards RPG games and the like, and i’m wondering what technologies and printing machines I should be researching into.

My initial goals include (I have other ideas, but they’re not worth mention until I get more experience)

  1. Detailed figurines of varying size, but maxing out at 10cm height at a 5-20 dollar price point
  2. Less detailed figurines at a lower cost to produce, with a 2-7 dollar price point.
  3. Terrain with a level of detail i’m not quite sure about right now, but any advice regarding this is appreciated.
  4. (optional) The possibility to create larger busts and creations (cosplay items) to sell at a larger price point.

My initial research led me to believe that Ultimaker 2+ would be the best fit for me, but i’ve found out the printing speed would be quite restrictive to mass produce with only one machine.

From some more research i’ve got the impression that a resin 3d printing machine would be the best option for my first goal, but i’m not sure where my other goals would be best accomplished.

My budget is around $2800 liquid money, with the option of loaning up to $3000 and i’m not opposed to buying more than one printer.

Also, the difficulty of the machine should probably not be considered because i’m the sort of person that is able to spend 6 hours a day doggedly pursuing the solution to a problem if it means I will be able to get a better result with a more complicated machine.

Edit: If there’s a printer that fits my description but needs some configuration I have the technological know-how, considering I have an education in technology.