Hobbyking Turnigy X5S 3D Printer


Hi, I am new to 3d printing and purchased a Creality Ender 3 2 months ago and I am loving it.

I have printed through almost 4 kilos of pla and am interested in a larger printer to speed up my “manufacturing” as well as being able to print larger items.
I looked back to Creality because I had great quality out of the ender 3, however, I would like to try a core x/y cube style printer and Creality does not seem to have what I am looking for.
I am also interested in a kit form printer that I can fully build myself therefore understanding it’s construction better.
I would like to know if I will be able ( being new to printing ) to get the quality out of the Turnigy X5S 3D Printer that I am getting from the Ender 3.

You can find this printer at https://hobbyking.com/en_us/tronxy-x5s-3d-printer-us-plug.html .

Any input for or against this product or maybe a review video for it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.



The video is in german but you can see the used parts :wink:

hm it looks like they are using the Anet boards which are crap.
I would recommend to replace it with a MKS gen L/1.4

i edited your post to be better readable …



Yes, I was told to steer clear of the Anet line of printers. Thank you for your input.