How do I insert GCODE filament retract?



M205 X30 Y30
G4 P500
G0 F3600 X129.931 Y136.516
G0 X130.842 Y136.125
G0 X131.78 Y135.837
G0 X132.656 Y135.727
G0 X146.931 Y136.516
G0 X146.983 Y136.601
M204 S500

The first layer is the top of my finished product. I need to eliminate the stringing between features on the first layer as they show on the finished surface. So I tried inserting a G10 before each G0 and a G11 after. I even added a G4 P500 delay so I could see it happening. I do not get a retract nor do I get the pause. I see no difference from the original code and still have the stringing. Help!!!



im also having trouble with retraction, but I cannot get the settings to pop up in cura does anyone know how to do this?



Hi Tanner,

Try this:
G92 E0; set extruder value back to 0
G1 E-1 F900; retract 1mm

There definitely is a retract on z hop in Cura, but I’m not near my machine to point it out.