How To Clean Glass Plate?


Depends on what king of “Buildtak style” mat you had, more specifically what kind of glue it used.
If the glue was the most commonly used 3M double sided tacky film, you are in for a treat removing it.
If you have just a normal glass, I wouldn’t bother trying to remove it. You can get a replacement glass sheet from your local glass shop for a couple of euros.
If you use Borosilicate, the price of replacement might be worth it. If you have 3M, check one of the PEI replacement video / instructionals, you can find all over the internet.
For example this one:
or this one:



I had a Buildtak-style printing mat stuck on my glass build plate.

It needed replacing so I dragged the old mat off the plate. That’s left gooey residue which I need to clean off.

What’s the best method of cleaning the sticky goo off a glass build plate?



I bought several different goo remover solutions, and nothing touches the residue left on my glass plates.

Fortunately I have spare plates so I’m not compromised by losing a plate. But Ib do want to get it back…

My latest gambit is to see if weather might deal with the problem, so I’ve put the glass plate out in the garden for a few days. Hopefully rain/sun/snow and temperature cycling in sunlight will have an effect.



A lot of stuff can remove residues, I use petroleum spirit , let set à while then isopropyl alcohol. Work well!



I have an ultrabase plate. it is glass with a coating on it. i never clean it and after a year of almost daily use it still looks brand new.

the only downside is you have to heat it for even pla.