How to keep your filament safe?


I’ve recently uploaded a guide with tips about how to not ruin your filament - do you have any more tips I’ve missed?


Make a video when you rewind a Das Filament XXL Spool XD It makes fun believe me :smiley:


Where can we get a spool holder with a bearing like you showed in the video? I need one with minimal resistance, just like this one.

Thanks in advance!


That came from Atom 2.5EX I think. Or maybe old Atom 2.0 part.


Rather than using Zip Ties you can use Velcro ONE-WRAP Thin Ties. I use them for my guitar cabling and if you use the soft side to apply pressure to the filament it is less likely to damage it as it scrolls past. Also they come in handy for when you like to change things around.


Handy, to start a thread with each youtube video. A forum is much better suited for discussions compared to youtube.

Anyway, good video and handy tips.

I am trying to dry some taulman Nylon 645 filament, I had it in a food dehydrator for 20 hours at 50 deg C, but it still pops and smokes during print, so I am guessing the moisture isn’t gone. Which leads to my questions, what temp is needed for Nylon?

Online I read things for nylon like oven between 71 - 82 degrees C for 4-6 uur
I also read the Glass Transition Temp for this Nylon is 68.deg C.

Is the trick to stay below the Glass Transition Temp?

Another thing I am wanting to try, dry a small amount of filament instead of the whole spool.

Btw, about the other topics
This is a nice spool holder design, also check the remix versions

And about tangling safety, I am trying a few filament clips, these seem to work pretty well


I live in Dar es Salaam where most days in my printer space are over 77% humidity. I can add a few tips for that section:
Ziplock bags (polythene bags in general) are gas permeable. Better are mylar like the Rigid Ink ones mentioned or at least vacuum storage bags.[/list]
Careful with the oven! The temperature you are worried about is the glass transition temperature of your filament, generally much lower than the melting temperature.[/list]
Thanks for another great video - learned things again.


ido: Interesting, I’m planning to buy a food dehydrator to dry my filaments.
I need to dry nylon too, let us know if you find the right settings. I’ll try too as soon as I get the dehydrator and share back here if it works!

Here they say 70 C for nylon :

On Taulman’s website they indicate 52 C as glass transition temperature for 645, probably not a good idea to go for 70 C…
Trying to dry a smaller amount at a time might be a good idea too!

For storing filament I have large airtight boxes with some air drying stuff (not silica but another stuff), most like the one in Tom’s video, for printing nylon I’ve printed the Spannerhands Spool System : but have to try it yet (no spool shaft sized correctly for taulman spools, not had time to make the model yet). It shoud also help keeping the spool from unwinding, etc. with the use of the ptfe tube.


The printdry is interesting, but looks just like a food dehydrator, but more expensive. Wonder what benefits it has.

Btw, where did you see the glass transition temp for 645 nylon. I couldn’t find it on their website, but dit find some specs from a webshop, stating Glass Transition Temp - 68.2°C.

For storing I am using an airtight container and I have a few plastic Ikea zip-lock bags with 50gr of silica gel. I know Mylar bags are better, but still finding a place in Europe that sells big ones with zip-lock.

Spannerhands Spool look cool, but to print takes half a spool or so, pretty expensive solution. Would be better if someone would mass manufacture these.


Not planning on buying a printdry actually, as I agree it just looks like a food dehydrator. Will just buy a good old food dehydrator :slight_smile:

For 645 Glass temp :
It’s under the “Specifications” tab on the top menu.

Yep Spannerhands is quite a long print (actually had some filament to burn :slight_smile:


Thanks, there’s some conflicting info out there :slight_smile: Also on their own website states best print temp is 245, but on de specs page they mention 250-255


I’ve built a vacuum filament dryer from a pressure pot (for cooking), a few vacuum pumps, constant temperature heaters and some thermostats all mostly off eBay. With vacuum you reduce the boiling point of water relative to the filament glass transition temperature. Will try to post some build info when I get home, but that’s a month away - happy to answer any questions.


I use a food vacuum machine and a roll of 30cm bag material to store my filament with a desiccant bag in with the roll, it works wonders for keeping it fresh.


What’s the spool holder that you have showing at 7:05 mark in the video?


Adrian, those are the spool holders that come with the Prusa Multi Material upgrade for the MK2S and soon for the MK2.5S and MK3
Don’t think you can buy them separately but should be pretty easy to build them and as it’s open source you might be able to find the files for the 3d printed parts (orange parts).
Here actually for the printed parts : (the ones containing spoolholder-…)


Thanks for that info. I have the multimaterial upgrade, but haven’t assembled it yet.
I guess I should get to that.


That would be even easier! :smiley:


for another spool holder solution, this design (or one of the remixes) seem rather popular.

I printed one of the remixed versions myself


Exactly what I’m using right now! Standard one

Which remix did you print ?


I printed this one